P a r t n e r s



Travel information:

The conference fee does not include travel costs and participants are expected to make own travel arrangements. Conference venue is located 40 km from the Bratislava. It is possible to use the bus service from Bratislava - the main bus station.



Information on transport to the conference venue Častá – Papiernička from the Bratislava Main Train Station:


After the arrival at the Main Train Station in Bratislava it is recommended to take a trolleybus NO. 210 to the Main bus station (Autobusová stanica or AS).

You will need two tickets (one for person and one for baggage), each for 0,70 € (each bus stop has a ticket machine). From the Main Bus Station it is recommended to take a bus to the Častá and get off on bus stop called "Píla, rázc." Bus ticket has to be bought from the bus driver inside of bus for approximately 10 EUR.


Please notice, that costs of transport are not included in conference fee.




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