The Faculty of Law of the Comenius University in Bratislava has the honour to invite you to the international scholastic conference „BRATISLAVA LEGAL FORUM 2015“ which is scheduled to dates from October 9th until October 10th 2015 in Bratislava. The conference is organized under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic doc. JUDr. Robert Fico, CSc. The conference will also commemorate the 105th anniversary of a leading Slovak lawyer, prof. JUDr. Štefan Luby, DrSc.


Band jEzzSPRIT Again at the Plenary Session

10/09/2015 10:17:05


The jazz band jEzzSPRIT with internationaly famous and successful singer Hanka Gregušová will again make the Gala reception of the conference even more pleasant.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this no less pleasing part of the conference. 


Abstract of Paper of Professor Ratz

29/09/2015 21:58:08


We are sincerely glad to publish an abstract of a paper of the President of the Supreme Court in Austria Hon.-Prof. Dr. Eckart Ratz, who kindly accepted our invitation to be a speaker during Plenary Session:

Efficiency and trust are indispensable and central goals of every system of law necessarily to be strived for by the judicial power. At the same time these two goals appear to be mutually exclusive. On one hand regulation and centralization constitute important tools to increase efficiency and foster judicial processes, lending creedence to the importance of centralized leadership. On the other hand trust in jurisdiction is especially established and enhanced by decentralization and independence.

Freedom from instructions – in the words of Prof. Öhlinger, a destinguished Austrian scholar – is one side of independence, the other one is that judges are bound by the law. The unavoidable law-making component of every jurisdiction according to Öhlinger is an irritating fact. The democratical deficits of this kind of generation of law required therefore a high degree of justification of rulings as compensation, especially of highest courts. 

Highest courts hold a central position at the interface between the national law, which is the democratically strongest legitimized law, the law of the EU and the European fundamental rights. This will be illustrated by the example of a human-rights-remedy to the Supreme Court in penal matters, generated by the Supreme Court.

Another tool in guaranteeing efficiency and trust is the accurate documentation of law and court decisions. A brief overview of the Austrian Legal Information System (RIS) will be given, followed by some words about informal connections with scholars and judges of lower courts.

The Deadline for Registration and Abstract Submission

07/09/2015 01:03:30


Dear participants,

We would like to fasten your attention to the approaching deadline for the registration and abstract submission. 

We also thank our media partner for getting this information over to its followers and readers.

Presentation of Co - authors

06/09/2015 23:53:55


Dear participants,

If your paper will be prepared by co - authors, it is necessary that at least one co - author will make a personal appearance at the conference and present the paper.

If only one of the co - authors will be present, you pay conference fee just one time. The second co - author is not registered and for the first time will be stated at the written form of your whole paper.

If both of  the co - authors will honour us and take part at the conference, both of you have to be registered via on line registration system and also both of you pay the conference fee (please, register yourselves with the same information about paper). 

Information about the Abstracts

29/08/2015 21:31:57


Dear participants,

Your abstracts are published via this web side here. If your topic will not be suitable for the session subject, the coordinators of the sessions will contact you immediately. If you need any assistance regarding the legal issues of the conference, please, contact the respective coordinator of the session.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the conference!

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Information about the Abstracts

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