Offer of Accommodation at Discount Price

Dear participants of the conference,

During the conference, from October 9th to 10th 2015 we would like to draw your attention to a special offer of accommodation in Tatra Hotel Bratislava in Bratislava city center at significantly discounted prices.

Hotel Tatra Bratislava has a long-lasting tradition that goes back to 1930s. Highly qualified staff of the hotel has offered its services to hundreds of satisfied clients during its more than eighty-year history in beautiful premises attractively located in the city center. For more information visit the web site:

You can book the accommodation for the following prices: EUR 41,40 for a single room or EUR 50,40 for a double room. Parking fee is EUR 11,90/ day. The price does not include local tax (EUR 1,65/ night).

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact Mr. Tomáš Leskovský through the following e-mail address: Please indicate in the subject of the e - mail the name of the conference "Bratislava legal forum 2015 ".

The latest date to make a binding reservation is September 20st 2015.


If you are interested in booking accommodation in another hotel, you might consider visiting or




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